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Rubber Bitch12/22/2006   94 pics   
The former good Teengirl is grown up to a really mean rubber bitch! After school she has just wrapped her sweet friend Sam in rubber and tied her to her father's fork truck.
Miss Conduct Hellkitten12/08/2006   76 pics   1 movie 2' 11''
Hellkitten (Miss Conduct) is sadistic and loves latex. So her little friend Anne is the right victim. She must endure an unusual ordeal in latex.
Dinner in Latex Part II11/24/2006   114 pics   1 movie 3' 41''
Actually Suex is on a diet. Under the forceful pressure of her rubber mistress she must eat up to the nausea now. The candle to the comfortable evening mustn't be absent!
Shiny Aline Part II11/10/2006   140 pics   1 movie 2' 23''
The young girl is delivered to Shiny-Aline helplessly. She gets ballet boots put on and is put into a mask in which she almost suffocates. She is available in the bond rack for everything now.
Dinner in Latex10/27/2006   96 pics   1 movie 3' 01''
Suex still is in the talons of her always randy, crazy girl friend. The dinner lines up!
Shiny Aline10/13/2006   144 pics   1 movie 2' 26''
Once in a while Shiny-Aline has watched the sweet girl coming from the bus stop so provocative.
One day the girl is due and is put into rubber!
Nikita's Catacombes Part III09/29/2006   92 pics   1 movie 1' 49''
Last act of the catacombs story: Nikita mummifies her victim and drags it up in an old fireplace!
Bicycle Slave Part II09/15/2006   104 pics   1 movie 4' 52''
With the help of her whip Amrita makes a fast cyclist from the well-behaved girl!
Natascha & her Playtoy Part II09/01/2006   142 pics   1 movie 4' 52''
Acting out all her horny desire with the sweet streetwalker is so much fun for Natascha. She decides to keep her.
Bicycle Slave08/18/2006   121 pics   
The nightly attack on a well-behaved girl and her transformation into a bicycle slave!
Natascha & her Playtoy08/04/2006   138 pics   1 movie 4' 47''
Natascha is a really dominant latex bitch. One day she has ordered a slut from the street on her room.
Nikita's Catacombes Part II07/21/2006   83 pics   1 movie 1' 06''
After the girl has lost her consciousness, Nikita ties her to the gateway, so she can whip her better!
Visit Fetish Model Pupett!07/07/2006   
Please visit our friend Fetish Model Pupett, the Sexy Latex Lady!
Please visit our friend <b>Fetish Model Pupett</b>, the Sexy Latex Lady!
Jessy & Pupett Part II07/07/2006   122 pics   
It's so dark on that party that noone notices the girls playing on the women's toilet. At the end Jessy's rubber playtoy gets a horse head and is lead to the watering-place.
Nikita's Catacombes06/23/2006   146 pics   1 movie 1' 59''
Nikita, the sadistic rubber princess, has kidnapped a young girl again! In the sinister catacombes of an old villa she's making some weird experiments with her victim!
Latex Nelly Part II06/09/2006   95 pics   1 movie 1' 29''
Obviously little latex Nelly enjoys it to dominate her friend Nikki. When she loses the desire, she simply disappears!
Visit Sweet-Jessy!05/26/2006   
Please visit our friend Sweet-Jessy, the Cute Latex Teen!
Please visit our friend <b>Sweet-Jessy</b>, the Cute Latex Teen!
Jessy & Pupett05/26/2006   110 pics   
On a gloomy fetish party the impudent Jessy watches a girl dancing. She goes to her, puts a bit pressure on and learns that the pretty girl all in rubber is called Pupett !
Latex Nelly05/12/2006   104 pics   
Nikki is waiting asleep for her friend Nelly. When she stands suddenly in front of her, Nikki is shocked. Little Nelly wears a latex catsuit and doesn't seem that kind at all as other time...
Rubber Housewife04/28/2006   172 pics   1 movie 5' 22''
The unsatisfied housewife Marlene S. has found out that her husband has hidden a latex catsuit at home and that he's often visiting an experienced dominatrix. Without further ado she's buying a rubber catsuit and gets an appointment with this dominatrix. The maid has already accompanied her into the room.
Sandy Watched Part II04/14/2006   119 pics   1 movie 3' 32''
When the unknown observer gets quickly into her bed, she is pleasantly surprised as she realizes that it's a girl. Wasn't she the one from the reception!?
Alien Beach Fight03/31/2006   180 pics   1 movie 4' 24''
When the young girl was drawn out of the water by a kind of latex-alien, she did not know that behind the outfit was hidden a young russian mistress with the name Nikita! With a gasmask on her face she was pulled over the ground until she was so exhausted that she couldn't move anymore.
Sandy Watched03/17/2006   130 pics   1 movie 6' 14'
After a hard working day at the fair Sandy can finally devote herself to her only pleasure in her hotel room: Latex!
But she is watched!
Zlata & Friend03/03/2006   82 pics   
Zlata and her playmate amuse themselves in latex and lycra besides the water and in the water!
Vampire Girls Part III02/17/2006   225 pics   1 movie 5' 19''
The vampire mistress queen and the vampires do the poor Little Red Riding-hood wrong now! But then the rich squire intervenes and destroys the vampires. He doesn't know that Little Red Riding-hood is already infected and she has already sharpened her teeth!
Sweet Suex Part II02/03/2006   119 pics   1 movie 5' 32''
Of such a pretty friend Sweet Suex really puts up with everything now!
Vampire Girls Part II01/20/2006   160 pics   1 movie 6' 03''
The vampire mistress queen now joins the scene: She fights and wins against the two latex-vampires, frees the anxious Little Red Riding-hood and takes her to her hiding-place!
Sweet Suex01/06/2006   126 pics   
Actual Sweet Suex is attacked, strangled and kidnapped by her girlfriend!

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